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There is always something fun to do in the area, no matter what the weather or season. Our personal favorites are:


Forsaleden is a beautiful hiking trail. The area around Forsa is fascinating and legendary, with cultural relics, beautiful nature and a water park formed by nature. The trail follows the Forsaån River through partly rocky terrain over a bridge and a wooden footbridge. Along the way there are waterfalls, streams and ponds. Due in part to the calcareous rock, a number of unusual plant species grow here. The minerals also have an effect on the water, which has a nice green sheen here and there. There are shelters at Forsabadet (the swimming area), at Herrevadsströmmen and at Fäbodvallen.

Check the website for parking options. Some must be paid. 

Illuminated trails can be found in several places in the municipality of Bräcke. Consider the places:

  • Gällö
  • Bräcke
  • Pilgrim City
  • Kälarne

These trails are suitable for langlaufen and cross-country skiing


The point on Google Maps is accessible by car. There is a clearing where you can park. The path leads through the forest and then up a small hill with a beautiful babbling brook next to it. After a few kilometers you reach Kroktjärn, which is part of the protected fishing area of Gimdalen. At Kroktjärn you can hike to the top. The view over the treetops is miles long.

The trail passes several sites of cultural and natural interest. These include a large trapping pit and the ruins of an old shepherd’s hut. At the rest area you will see the remains of an old ruin and the remains of a coal mine.

Klevens Topp

Hiking trail with miles of views of the surrounding landscape to the summit of Kleven. On the shore of Lake Idsjön, the trail begins at Klevsand. At the beginning of the trail is a Stone Age cemetery. There are also cultural remains such as moose pits and ruins.

At the steepest part of the trail there is a rope for safety, so be careful!

The hike continues through beautiful forests. It ends at the summit with lichen-covered hollows. When you reach the top, be careful as you walk along the edge of the cliff! The way down is the same as the way up in relatively steep terrain. An exciting hike of 2.5 km. 

Mickelbacken Gällö SK

Near the stuga is Mickelbacken where you can ski and snowboard. There are different levels of difficulty and tracks. 

You can also take lessons and rent equipment. 

Check Mickelbacken’s website for more information and opening hours.


Part of Gimånsleden. Along the path are many barbecue sheds. The wooden planks of the path can be very slippery. After 3 km you enter the forest. The way back is the same way. If you want to walk that far, follow the yellow crosses in the forest.


The route passes through very varied scenery. The stretch to Kulla is very special with its bare mountains and rocky landscape. From the viewpoint at the top you have a great view of Gimdalen and the surrounding area.

The Kulla trail begins at the turnoff at the end of the road above Herrgårdsboan. The trail then follows a path through the forest, past a small swamp and on to a beautiful lake in the forest, where you can stop and take a break.

After the lake, the trail goes up steeply to Kulla. Don’t forget to find the coffee pot in the tree! At the end of the hike – the viewpoint at the top – there is a picnic hut with a fireplace. From there you have a great view of all of Gimdalen and the surrounding area.

On the way back you will pass a cairn from the 14th century. This is part of the history of Gimdalen. 


Jamtli is a museum center in Östersund with three museums in one place. History, art and cultural history come together here. Together they create a unique experience that is both entertaining and moving. Jamtli is the custodian of large collections of artifacts, photographs, books and art. We also organize extensive activities for the public and schools.

Around Christmas, the “real” Santa Claus visits with his reindeer, where you can give him your wish list and meet him in person.


Capital of Jämtland

Here you will find a wide range of stores, cafes and restaurants. Östersund also has a number of attractions and activities to offer. Check Östersund’s website for more information;


Sweden’s largest waterfall is at Tännforsen. It is always open and free to visit. Be sure to dress and walk to conditions. The closest distance to the waterfall from the parking lot is 200 meters. There is no lighting around the hiking trails.

There is a service charge of SEK 30 per hour/vehicle for open toilets if possible and waste disposal.

A tourist office is open during the summer months, where you can also have a snack and a drink. Check the website for opening hours.  

Climbing Park

The climbing park consists of 11 courses, 7 zip lines and 1 zip drop (free fall).

At this climbing park, children ages 5-9 can climb when accompanied by a paying adult. Children 10 and older can climb on their own.

Check the website for location, hours of operation and reservations for climbing passes.

Moose Garden

They offer the opportunity to interact with moose and see the king of the forest up close in his natural habitat. With the help of our experienced guides, you can spend time with these incredible animals on our tours.


Ice bar: Sweden’s multiple champion


Bräcke Skolgatan 2, 840 60 Bräcke.


Whether you’re looking for a cup of coffee with something sweet or a hearty lunch, you’ll find it here. The Folketshus always has at least two hearty lunch buffets to choose from, and our fresh salad bar is always a varied choice.

Picking berries

In late August and throughout September, the forests are full of the most delicious berries. Check out the website below for a list of all the berries you can eat.

It is also a fun site to learn more about this beautiful country from an American perspective.

Dog sled

More information to follow, or ask

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